About Courtney

My Story


Hi, I’m Courtney. I empower women to reclaim their connection to their body, vitality and radiant health through the wisdom of Ayurveda and Somatic Experiencing.

In my late 20s I had a physical breakdown. From a young age, I was passionate and driven, aiming for perfection. I was obsessed with drama and addicted to adrenaline. I felt the suffering and injustices of the world and I set to “saving it” through social work and academia. I teetered on the brink of burnout for many years. After finishing graduate school and moving to San Francisco in 2005, by body finally gave in.

Despite having just earned a master’s degree, I was unclear on my life purpose. My relationships were chaotic. I had social anxiety and was craving connection and “higher” experiences, so I partied. A lot. I was obsessed with my weight and body image so I pushed myself to the brink with exercise, even though I was exhausted. I didn’t know how to cook. I ate “healthy” food but every meal was takeout. I took supplement after supplement thinking I’d someday find the holy grail that would restore my health. I had been practicing yoga for 6 years – a practice which had a massive impact on my physical and mental health. But something was still missing.

In my quest to heal myself, I found Ayurveda. I began to understand that the chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, skin and digestive issues were simply signals my body was sending me. I started to see that my obsession with living my life according to external concepts of perfection, success, and beauty were driving me to ignore those signals. My habits were a reflection of this. As I shifted my diet and lifestyle, I felt an immediate impact. My digestion dramatically improved and my skin cleared up within weeks. My energy rebounded and I started to feel deeply nourished in a way I had never felt before. My mind became steady and clear, as did the way forward. But most importantly, I now had the tools to heal and strengthen myself every day through my habits.

I thrived for years as I ran my own Ayurvedic Medicine practice in San Francisco and had my first child. My path of motherhood coincided with a cross-country relocation, the loss of my father, and years of sleep deprivation. After finally settling into my new home outside Boston,  my anxiety and chronic fatigue paid a visit again. I now needed more than just healing knowledge. The demands of motherhood required a paradigm shift. I knew that without the support of a growth-minded, evolutionary community, I wouldn’t thrive on this path of motherhood in the way I had dreamed. So, I joined a dynamic group based on the wisdom of Ayurveda and my life shifted in profound ways. I recovered my health far beyond what I had experienced even in my early years. I began to understand the true feeling of “thrive” and, by natural extension, my husband and children did too. 

I’ve designed my offerings around these crucial elements for a life of radiant health and vitality:

  1. Ayurvedic practices that align your physiology with the rhythms of nature, removing obstacles to you body’s innate healing impulse and vitality. 
  2. Somatic Experiencing practices to help you understand your nervous system, how to regulate it, release trauma and build greater capacity to handle stress and experiencing pleasure.
  3. Nurturing community to sustain you as you move deeper into your healing. 

My passion is supporting you to live your fullest potential: to have greater vitality, stronger immunity, a calm, clear mind, deeper relationships, the wisdom to heal yourself and the power to fully live your life purpose. The health obstacles I’ve overcome illuminated a clear path for me, to guide others to revolutionize their health and experience deep personal freedom. I do this work because I’ve lived it. I do this work because I love it. And I do this work to empower you with the tools and wisdom to heal yourself, just like I did, and to thrive, just like you were born to do. 



“[When joining Radiant Living] I honestly didn’t have high hopes for it helping my pain but would have been satisfied just to get a bit healthier and deal with my stress better. I’m amazed to say I got all three, but relieving my back pain has been the most life-changing. I can sleep without waking in pain, exercise like I used to, do whatever I want with my kids, and just live a regular life now. This all happened within the first 6 months of the course. I can’t wait to see my improvements in the next 6 months!”

~ Lori

“As a long-time yogi, I believed that I had quite a bit of knowledge on wellbeing, but something in my body wasn’t feeling right. I was drawn to this course as I knew something needed to change. What I learned in working with Courtney LaCava and Radiant Living was a new and healthier way of being. By incorporating small shifts and mindfulness around the habits, I feel better and more balanced than I have in years!”

~ Caitlin

Courtney’s [Radiant Living] Coaching Group is worth its weight in gold. She meets you where you are and her gentle approach is grounded in deep knowledge of the 5,000-year-old Ayurvedic practice that she makes applicable to today’s busy world. I walked away with sustainable, simple new habits that help me live my best days.”

~ Emily