“I wish I had known about Radiant Living sooner.”

“I started implementing the [Radiant Living practices] a year ago and since then I have noticed that I am less anxious, fearful, worried. I have lost 10 pounds, shifted dinner time from 7:30 to 6-6:30, shifted bed time from 12:30-1 am to 10 pm, I no longer snack between meals.

I stopped taking sleep meds that I took automatically even though they were not working for me and have been working diligently on alternative ways to improve my sleep-the habits, herbs, acupuncture, meditation. I rediscovered my love of meditation and this is also a habit that I want to go deeper with.

Courtney’s wisdom, knowledge, support, advice, coaching technique have all been an incredible blessing. She guides, encourages & draws things out of me that I can be resistant to say/feel. She knows when to push and when to back off. I think about my life differently than I did before. The pain in both my physical & mental body has significantly diminished, which has allowed me the space to focus on other, much more fun things.”


This morning I cleaned out my family’s medicine drawer and found 10 different medications and prescriptions that we no longer need to use. It’s amazing that [in the past year since I started the [Radiant Living Coaching Group] my son no longer needs medicine for migraines, I don’t need to take the amoxicillin, iron supplements, estrogen or allergy pills, and my other son no longer needs the vomiting medicine. Within a year my eczema and allergies are gone. And I feel great. Sometimes I feel regret because I wish I had know about [Radiant Living] sooner.


“I chose Courtney’s program over others because of its longer length, incremental approach, and the fact that the habits are accessible and simple (i.e. no expensive supplements or other unconventional methods were required).

When I started [Radiant Living], my energy was below 1. After only three months of the habits, my energy was at an 8 most days. I’m now six months in and my energy is still that high! As for the investment, I’ve gained back in income what I spent on the program because it enabled me to transform my health enough to go back to work full time instead of just part time!


-‘”In January of 2020, I started the usual new year pattern of ‘doing better’ ~ weight, health, strength, rest. I made a phone call to Courtney knowing she had an alternative path that might offer some hope. My number one goal was strength, stability and getting myself off prescribed medicine (blood pressure specifically). In June of 2021, I decided (with my doctor) to go off my blood pressure meds to find out where my natural level might be. Even with meds they averaged 144/80 over the past two years.  I’m pleased to note that my current pressure readings are averaging 122/60 and my resting heart rate has dropped from 77 to 65!  I am officially off my medications! There is more work to do, but I know that my practice is creating the balance to achieve my goals.”


“I feel so fortunate to have met Courtney at a time in my life when I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I had no idea what the [Radiant Living Coaching Group] entailed but after speaking with Courtney, I knew that I wanted to work with her to heal myself on a deeper level. As a result of [Radiant Living] I feel more balanced, nourished and rejuvenated. I have also noticed improved mental clarity and more steady energy throughout the day. I am so grateful to Courtney for her guidance, patience, compassion, and understanding throughout this experience.”


Essential Living Graduate

“As a long-time yogi, I believed I had quite a bit of knowledge on wellbeing, but something in my body wasn’t feeling right. I was drawn to [Radiant Living] as I knew something needed to change. What I learned in working with Courtney and [Radiant Living] was a new and healthier way of being. By incorporating small shifts and mindfulness around the habits, I feel better and more balanced than I have in years!” 


“Now that I’m in the third quarter of [Radiant Living], I can attest to the power of the daily habits we are focusing on, and the effective role Courtney, with her thoughtful guidance and unfailing encouragement, has played in helping me make significant progress in the milestones I have been achieving in my personal challenges. I couldn’t be more grateful for the support of our compassionate cohort and the authentic, welcoming space I find every week in our calls. The [Radiant Living Coaching Group] has repeatedly felt like an anchor to me as I navigate the uncertain territory of our new reality, and I am thankful for the significant role it has played in helping me to not only make steady progress on my personal goals but also to help me maintain my sanity and overall sense of well-being in the midst of what feels like a yearlong ‘storm.'”


Discovery Sessions are an opportunity for you to get clear on what you desire most for your health, habits, life purpose, relationships, and more. You’ll walk away with a customized framework for taking the next action step for moving through this challenge. Please note: The Discovery Process is typically 45-60 minutes and is free of charge.