Courtney LaCava, Ayurvedic Practitioner + Health Coach

Awaken your body wisdom with Ayurveda and Somatic Experiencing. 

Radiant Living Coaching Group

Ayurvedic and Somatic healing for women of all ages.

Heal Yourself. Help Your Loves Thrive.

Heal yourself, boost your vitality and learn the practices to help your loved ones live their full potential.

Radiant Living Coaching Group

Radiant Living is a health coaching group for women who want to build vitality, heal the root cause of their health issues, and learn to understand the language their body speaks to them. The curriculum is based on the practices of Somatic Experiencing and Ayurveda – an ancient system more relevant than ever in teaching you how to thrive in our overwhelming modern world. Radiant Living empowers you with the most essential and effective practices to simplify your healing and build your nervous system’s capacity to handle stress and experience more pleasure. You create a lifestyle that nourishes and vitalizes rather than one that overwhelms and depletes. You experience vitality, clarity and ease, giving you the power to heal your body, create what you desire, deepen your relationships, and nourish your family. 

During your Discovery Session with Courtney you’ll discuss your challenges and goals. She’ll help you gain insight into the root causes of these challenges and talk about how she can help you. The session is 45 mins and free of charge.

About Ayurvedic healing

Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old healing system that teaches you how to cultivate vitality and wellness by honoring your body’s natural rhythms. Your body has an inherent impulse toward perfect health, which gets more refined and efficient as you age. The Ayurvedic practices in Radiant Living remove the obstacles to that healing impulse and your ability to thrive. The beauty of Ayurveda is that it is simple, logical and is a complete system of healing

Dynamic group support

Your Radiant Living dynamic group is composed of growth-minded individuals who, by engaging fully in a supportive environment, accelerate their own personal growth and that of the entire group. Research has shown that working in a dynamic group is 70% more effective in helping you to make change and incorporate new habits. By joining our dynamic group you’ll experience better health, personal growth, and lifestyle freedom at a much faster rate than if you go it alone.

About Courtney

My deep dive into Ayurveda happened by learning the hard way, which ultimately was an incredible blessing. I burned out in my 20’s after lots of intense…everything. After years of allopathic medicine having no answers, and trying other holistic modalities that supported but didn’t fully heal, I discovered Ayurveda and my entire life and worldview changed. 

Our Blog

Dinacharya: Daily Routines

When we were learning to treat patients in my early years of Ayurveda school, we first learned dinacharya (daily routines). I remember thinking, "But when can I get to making all the magical herbal concoctions?!" (Because: herb! 😍 🌱)   Years later, after having...

Couch Medicine

One of my teachers, Dr. Claudia Welch, talks about “couch medicine” and how so many women run on stress hormones. We mistake this wired state for true energy. The more adrenaline and cortisol we have coursing through our system, the less it takes to trigger us into a...

How to Stay Healthy When The Season Shifts: Ritu Sandhi   Ritu Sandhi is the juncture between seasons - the period of about 7-10 days before and after the change of season. Our physiology is more sensitive and less stable during this time.    Vata dosha is the force of movement,...