Essential Living

Essential Living Coaching Group

The vast majority of women’s health issues are rooted in not enough physical and emotional nourishment. So many women want to have more energy, pleasure, prosperity, freedom. They want to feel satisfied. They want to feel ALIVE.

Instead they are…

  • anxious, depressed or angry, believing it’s just who they are. 
  • burned out and overwhelmed.
  • trying to maintain healthy habits but can’t stick with them.
  • struggling with their weight or relationship to food.
  • dealing with an autoimmune or other scary diagnosis.
  • feeling isolated.
  • not sleeping or digesting well.
  • self-soothing with too much alcohol, other substances or social media.
  • struggling through peri-menopause or menopause.
  • feeling dissatisfied with their sex lives.
  • unaware of how to age into power.

Healing can feel really complex but the truth is: What keeps us healthy is simple. Essential Living is a year-long health coaching group based on the essential habits of Ayurveda. Through Essential Living you can up-level your nervous system’s capacity to handle stress, heal health issues and experience vitality, pleasure, creativity and connection in a deeper way, all within a community of other growth-minded women. 

How Will You Benefit?

Deep Rejuvenation

Restore, revitalize and learn how this ancient medicine holds the key to surviving and thriving in a modern world.

Greater Resilience

By using your daily habits to align your biorhythms with the rhythms of the natural world, you feel less overwhelmed and depleted.

Lifestyle Freedom

Optimal health. Clarity of purpose. More time. More money. Any one of those is a recipe for freedom to live your life with ease in the ways you dream of.


Feel empowered with the knowledge of how to support your own health on a daily basis, regardless of how serious, long-term or deep-seated your health issues are.

Clarity of Purpose

Everyone has a purpose or Dharma. Mother Nature is a place of pure authenticity. When you align yourself with the rhythms of authenticity, you naturally live your deepest life purpose.

More Energy

Automate the habits and experience energy surplus within 12 months.

More Time

By strengthening your vital energy and streamlining and grounding your daily habits, you’ll actually experience more time, energy and space to do the things you love to do.

More Money

By living the habits you get off the carousel of doctors, expensive treatments, supplements, etc. and, simply put, save a whole lot of money.

Stronger Immunity

By removing obstacles to your body’s innate healing intelligence, you build strength and immunity. 

Deeper Connections

Living the habits attunes you to your true nature, which is one of deep connection to the world around you. Living the habits means living more fully in a place of empathy and love.

Peer Group Support

Working in dynamic groups has proven to be 70% more effective in helping members achieve health goals and experience deep transformation.

Healthier Loved Ones

By learning how to heal yourself through your daily habits, you have the vitality and knowledge to support your loved ones.

Learn More or Get Started: Book A Free Session

During your Discovery Session with Courtney you’ll discuss your challenges and goals. She’ll help you gain insight into the root causes of these challenges and talk about how she can help you. The Discovery Session is between 45-60 mins and is free of charge.