Have Better Sleep + Energy

“Wired + Tired No More:
Healing Sleep Issues + Fatigue Naturally”

Are you tired more often than not?
Do you feel burned out?
Do you know you need more rest and sleep but can’t seem to make it happen?
Do you have trouble falling asleep?
Do you wake at night and have trouble getting back to sleep?
Do you judge yourself for needing rest?
Sleep issues and fatigue are the top two challenges I see in my work. My own personal struggles with these are what led me to Ayurveda. I’ve learned so much over more than 15 years of helping people reclaim their vitality.

There’s so much that you can do to heal your sleep and energy issues at the root. And you can do it with simple habits that support your body to heal itself.

This workshop is for you if you…

Feel exhausted
Have disrupted sleep
Have an auto-immune disorder or other chronic condition
Want to learn about the connection between sleep and immunity
Want to live habits that support deep sleep and rejuvenation
Want to find out what’s even more important than getting your 8 hours
Want to empower yourself to be as centered, strong, resilient and vital as possible as we move through these challenging time

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