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“You Are Unique!: Learn Your Mind-Body Constitution”

According to Ayurveda, one of the most important practices for cultivating optimal health is maintaining habits that align with your unique constitution and biorhythms.

My passion is guiding people to thrive. This starts by helping you identify what makes you unique and what your specific diet and habit needs are.

“You Are Unique: Learn Your Mind-Body Constitution and How to Thrive” is a 2-part Ayurvedic Workshop.

In this 2-session workshop you’ll learn:

Your unique Ayurvedic mind-body constitution
Why your body, mind and personality are the way they are
The habits and foods that are best for your mind-body type
How to understand your friends and family better
How to thrive in work by leaning into your constitutional strengths
How to heal common health problems, like anxiety, depression, fatigue, and sleep issues

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Have you ever tried a workout that your friend swears by, but you absolutely hate? Have you ever tried a new food that your partner loves but makes you feel crummy?
There are reasons you may feel great one day and awful the next. There are reasons why your body looks and works differently than others’. There are reasons why your personality and mental/emotional tendencies are different.

What works for one person, won’t work for everyone! Understanding what makes you unique starts with identifying your unique Ayurvedic mind-body constitution.