“As within, so without” – our outer reality is a reflection of our inner reality. In the article “Focused Healing and Personal Success: Attracting What We Do or Do Not Want” John Amaro, LAc, explains how we have the power to create the reality of our lives (positively or negatively) through the laws of attraction.


Since we literally create our lives (consciously and unconsciously) with our vibrations, the way to get what we want is to change our point of attraction by changing our vibrations. The act of creating situations in our life is simply focusing on a thought and attracting to ourselves whatever is in resonance or vibrational harmony with our focus of attention. These can be both positive or negative thoughts. We focus attention through thought. Every thought has its own frequency and attracts back to us whatever resonates in harmony with that frequency. We strengthen the amplitude of our thoughts by concentrating upon them and energizing them with strong emotion. The stronger the emotion, the more powerful the vibration we send into the universe. We truly get what we really want, as well as what we really do not want. It totally depends upon the focus.


Meditation, prayer, visualizations, and positive affirmations are all wonderful tools for unraveling negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs that hinder our personal contentment and satisfaction with life.


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