With the spread of coronavirus, we’re becoming intensely aware of how we as humans communicate, connect, share and spread.  The reaction to this magnified awareness is fear and anxiety. We fear death. But what is fear of death? It is fear of our inability to adapt and be resilient.

There will always be new bacteria, viruses, pathogens, threats to our way of life (whether micro or macro). When we expect that nothing will change, when we expect that we shouldn’t need to be adaptable, that is the error. 

The very purpose of Ayurveda is to teach you how to become deeply resilient and adaptable in body, mind and spirit. Your habits – how you support our body’s innate healing intelligence through your daily practices – are the most powerful and sustainable tools for building physiological integrity. Physiological integrity means immune integrity, mental and emotional integrity, and the ability to handle the stress of revolutionary and evolutionary change. 

We all have the ability to tap into massive personal and collective evolutionary change right now. You may feel powerless, but you do have a choice of how you’ll orient. Will you orient towards what you DO have control over – the habits that build your resilience and adaptability?

As we move from the known to the unknown, I would love to offer you some support during this time of big change.  I continue to offer free 30-min phone sessions to all. You can sign up here. Feel free to share widely.