About 25 years ago an acupuncturist told me PMS was not normal…it’s a sign of imbalance. My mind was blown! Finding out it wasn’t just “how things are supposed to be” was both shocking and empowering. 

Symptoms of dis-ease are not who you are. They’re a signal that something you’ve taken in through your senses doesn’t jive with your body and mind. Ayurveda teaches you how to understand the energetics of your physiology so you can read your body like a book. 

In Ayurveda, there are 3 doshas. The doshas are physiological forces that carry out the functions of the body. 

  • Vata (ether + air) rules circulation and movement
  • Pitta (fire + water) rules metabolism 
  • Kapha (water + earth) rules stability and structure 

What you take in through your senses can either reduce the doshas or cause them to increase. The basic principle of treatment is “like increases like, opposites balance.” An out-of-balance dosha causes symptoms. 

You can learn to feel the energetics of the doshas in your body. You can understand what your symptoms are telling you. You can get clear on what triggers the dosha to become excessive. You can respond by adjusting your habits. 

Here’s an example:

Alicia has anxiety and overwhelm, with racing thoughts.  She’s constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. Every day feels like survival mode. 

In Ayurveda, we know when there’s fast movement there’s excess air element (air is light, ungrounded, mobile, irregular, cold). We know like increases like, opposites balance, so we do some detective work to see what’s triggering it. We look at her diet and lifestyle. The triggers for Alicia are pretty clear – skipping lunch; irregular mealtimes; irregular/inconsistent schedule; 12am bedtime, lots of social media/scrolling; cold, dry, raw foods; coffee. She’s also trying to “do it all” and do it “perfectly.”

Alicia is now clear on her triggers. She also learns what the super early signs feel like when she’s tipping into overwhelm. Now that she knows the early signs and triggers, she’s empowered to understand and respond with the habits that restore balance. She can read her body like a book. 

My Essential Living Course starts on February 16th. It’s designed to teach you to read the signals your body is sending you and the habits that heal. Schedule a free Discovery Session here.