Spring Nutrition + Habit Tips

In Ayurveda, spring is the time of kapha – earth and water elements. Spring is heavy, stable, cool, oily and has a downward-moving energy, so we balance with the opposite qualities in our diet and lifestyle – light, dry, mobile and warming. The lymph and blood get...

How to Read Your Body Like a Book

About 25 years ago an acupuncturist told me PMS was not normal…it’s a sign of imbalance. My mind was blown! Finding out it wasn’t just “how things are supposed to be” was both shocking and empowering.  Symptoms of dis-ease are not who you are. They’re a signal...

We Talk Mental Health, Ayurveda + The Doshas on the Yogahealer Podcast

  I was super honored to have this dynamic conversation with two of my fellow health coaches and my mentor Cate Stillman on her Yogahealer Podcast. If your mental health has been affected by the massive changes of 2020, learn how your habits can impact not only...

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