I went to Acadia National Park a few weeks ago. My grandpa grew up near there. He was a practical man who wanted me to go to Wharton Business School. Instead he found me cooking medicinal herbs and doing yoga…and he was TOTALLY delighted by it. Even though he was old school, he believed in me with every fiber of his being. When he looked at me, I felt like he saw my magic. To feel that at a young age from such a loving and powerful person imprinted on me forever. It lifted me up and helped me grow over and over again into better versions of me.

I returned from my trip to 3 days of teaching my course members –  incredible people committed to their own deep healing work. They lift each other up, reach out for support, stay invested and trust the process. After every call I experience a huge rush of energy and inspiration. There is so much power in Good Company. The ancient yogis and Ayurvedic sages understood this. Sangha – community – is crucial for growth and healing. Surround yourself with those more enlightened, and you’ll evolve. Surround yourself with those at the same level, and you’ll stay where you’re at. Surround yourself with those who are less conscious, and they’ll inhibit your growth. Boundaries and discernment are as crucial to our growth and healing as Good Company is.

  • Do you have women in your life who lift you up?
  • Women who do their hard healing work, so they can recognize and honor that same desire in you?
  • Women who show up authentically, without judgment?
  • Women who understand THE FORCE OF NATURE that is women supporting women?
  • Women who recognize and celebrate your magic?
  • Women who take full responsibility for their own lives?
  • Women who hold you accountable to your deepest desires?

My Essential Living Course is a dynamic health coaching group for women with a deep desire to thrive with the support of Good Company. I’m enrolling now for my next round, starting August 15th. Learn more and schedule your first free Discovery Session here