When we were learning to treat patients in my early years of Ayurveda school, we first learned dinacharya (daily routines). I remember thinking, “But when can I get to making all the magical herbal concoctions?!” (Because: herb! 😍 🌱)


Years later, after having babies and having my world and habits turned upside down, I really learned the power of daily routines. All the herbs, supplements, therapies, etc. didn’t work in the ways I needed. I wasn’t living in a way that supported my body’s innate healing intelligence. But once I joined an Ayurvedic habit coaching group to get my routines dialed in again, my health, stress levels, relationships, mothering and sense of happiness shifted massively.


In Ayurveda we understand there are 3 phases of regaining and maintaining health:

Tier 1: Make diet, lifestyle and stress reduction changes FIRST.

Tier 2: Use herbs and remedies when extra support is needed.

Tier 3: Use surgery, pharmaceuticals or bioidentical drugs in an emergency and/or to stabilize or manage the symptoms when tier 1 and tier 2 strategies don’t work as well as needed.


If you’re not dialed in with Tier 1, you’re missing the most important part.


Just like how I first learned, when I work with people now I always start with the habits. Why? Because it’s the most effective way. It saves people time, money, energy and suffering – so they can get on experiencing the goodness and pleasure of life. I now recommend a lot fewer herbs than I did in the past, and many of my clients have weaned off medications and avoided surgeries and pharmaceuticals all together.


If you’re ready to get to the good stuff, I have a few programs coming up:


My Essential Living Coaching Group enrolls quarterly – February, May, August and November. Enrollment is still open for the group starting on Feb. 15th.


Spring Essential Cleanse registration in open now too! Our first live call is March  22, 2022.