Ritu Sandhi is the juncture between seasons – the period of about 7-10 days before and after the change of season. Our physiology is more sensitive and less stable during this time. 


Vata dosha is the force of movement, circulation and change. The doshas are forces of nature that carry out the physiological functions of your body. Vata is ruled by the air and space elements. Think of the wind in the atmosphere. It’s  dry, cold, light, ungrounded, irregular and dispersing. In your body it rules circulation, nerve impulses, muscular movement, the movement of food through the digestive system, the movement of thoughts through the mind, elimination, menstruation, childbirth and more. 


Like increases like, and opposites balance. Anytime there’s change, like a shift into a new season, Vata increases because Vata rules change. As we move into the cooler months – Vata season – we see these qualities of Vata become even more elevated. In our body and mind this can manifest as dryness, anxiety, worry, overwhelm, weakened digestion, fatigue, sleep disturbances and more. 


I made a short video about how you can support yourself during Ritu Sandhi and avoid the pitfalls that can set you up for more challenges during the colder months. 


Here are two offerings coming up to help support this transition: