In Ayurveda, spring is the time of kapha – earth and water elements. Spring is heavy, stable, cool, oily and has a downward-moving energy, so we balance with the opposite qualities in our diet and lifestyle – light, dry, mobile and warming.

The lymph and blood get pretty gunky right now, which we can see manifest as lethargy, heaviness, seasonal allergies, weight gain, depression and more. Added to this, we’ve all been through a collective trauma, which may have led you to indulge more in food, drink and other non-wholesome substances. You may also be carrying a lot of “heavy” emotions from the past year that you’re ready to release. These tips will help:

*DETOX: Just like you may “spring clean” your living space, your body is designed to need a good spring cleaning as well.  The seasonal shift from winter to spring is the optimal time for release. The channels of the body that carry toxins constrict during the colder months and are now dilating. This allows stored up toxins to be removed. Your body is ready to let go of what no longer serves you – undigested food, sensory impressions, emotions, experiences, traumas and outworn patterns. To experience the profound physical, mental and emotional benefits of a spring detox, join me for Essential Cleanse starting March 31st! 

*EARLIER, LIGHTER DINNER: Your body is not designed to digest a heavy, protein-rich dinner. Have lunch as your largest meal of the day. Eat most of your fats and protein then. Make dinner a plant-based meal that you finish by 7pm, latest (6pm, even better!)

*GET MOVING: Kapha is heavy and stable. It supports stamina and immunity in the body. But without movement to balance it in spring, we can find ourselves lethargic, depressed and dealing with excess weight. Moving for at least 20 mins upon waking will have a huge impact on your mind, emotions and body.

*LIGHTEN UP: Eat more greens, sprouts, and bitter veggies like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus. Favor astringent fruits like apples, berries and pears. Opt for lean protein, such as beans, lentils, egg whites and white meat. Limit dairy, red meat and wheat. These three are HEAVY. They aggravate exactly what we don’t want to aggravate right now and create excess mucous and fat in the body.

*SPICE IT UP: Heat breaks down the damp, heavy qualities of kapha’s water/earth elements. Add more spice to your foods and drink spicy tea. Great spring spices are ginger, turmeric and black pepper.

*SOAK UP THE SUN: Those first strong rays of sun can feel like the heavens opening up in cold winter climates like where I live. Vitamin D has a multitude of health benefits, including boosting mood and immunity. If you’ve been struggling with depression, a wonderful practice is to walk towards the direction of the rising sun each morning. The movement, Vitamin D and focusing on upward moving, fiery energy helps to balance the heavy, downward-moving, cool energetics of depression.

To learn more about optimizing your body and mind with seasonal diet and habits, schedule a free  Discovery Session with me.